What can I use this for?

This web app lets you manage your personal inventory in a tree structure. You can use it to keep track of rarely used items and their location, like guest towels, camping gear, or the original packaging for products you have purchased. You can stick barcodes on items and containers and easily move them from one location to another.

How do I get started?

To add your first item, click the + button in the bottom right corner. You can take a photo, scan a barcode, or enter a description. All of these are optional.

How do I use barcodes?

For printable barcodes, you can use this barcode sheet generator. You can stick these barcodes on your boxes, drawers, shelves or other locations. It's also possible to use some barcodes that are already printed on your items, but not all types of barcodes work. You can assign this barcode to the item when creating it, or later via the item menu.To quickly locate an item in the app, you can use the floating button on the bottom to scan the barcode. When moving an item to a different container, you can scan the barcode of the container you want to move it to.

Where is my data stored?

Initially your data is stored on your device. If you sync your data to another device, your data will be synced to the server first.Browser features like "Clear site data" will delete this data.` To create a backup, go to "Workspaces", click "Settings", then "Download Data". In future versions, it will be possible to restore data from a backup.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any questions, suggestions, or bugs to report, don't hesitate to contact me.